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No Other Planet Has Walked Personally with Christ Michael  As You Shall Do!  To My Dear Light workers every where on Planet Earth, I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiadian Sector Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet Ashtar Command. I have a most important message for this day. ............. ...................  Now I will discuss the last issue at hand for myself, and then I give it over to Sananda. We have had some questions, regards who is ATON as Creator God, who am I as Hatonn, and how to compare or describe Creator God, knowing that a Creator Son of God named Christ Michael is at the helm of this Universe of Nebadon.  Well, my people of Nebadon, in a recent message, where I describe myself a bit, I made the statement "When I say I am ATON in my higher self, I am ATON indeed." I hoped to see a few questions, and we got some. ATON is called Creator God, by some. Christ Michael is certainly Creator God of the Universe of Nebadon. Please put two and two together, my children, ATON and Christ Michael are one and the same. I said I was a Descending Son in that message, and so I AM. My creation was in the Central Universe of Havona.  I AM the Father God of the Universe of Nebadon. I am not a fragment of Michael, I AM Michael. I AM the Christ.  You have read in our messages, that Sananda's visit to Earth 2000 years ago, was a joint incarnation of Christ Michael, and Esu Immanuel. You, through your church teachings, who have had this learning, believe in the return of the actual Christ, and SO IT IS. I am in command of Earth Project Transition, because it is my project, as Master Creator Son of Nebadon. Those of you reading Urantia have understood that someday, Michael would personally return to Earth, and IT IS SO. I command the Pleiadian Sector Flight Command at this time.  I told you in that earlier message, I am a large Grey, using a body designed by Universal scientists and THIS IS SO. It is a body type that allows me to walk the Earth. I chose to use the long loved name of ATON on earth, for this mission.  I needed a bit of a disguise, for a period of time. Now that the Second Coming event is so close, it is time to come out of disguise.  You have on Earth both returning Sons of God, the Descending Son (Son of God, Christ Michael) and the Ascending Son. (Son of Man, Sananda) BLESSED ARE YOU. This is why the Second Coming event will be sacred and not a war type event. You were blessed with my appearance 2000 years ago, and now you are twice blessed with my promised return. I have visited no other planet in my vast realm, in this manner.  I AM COME, TO REMOVE THE ADVERSARY OF MY DOMAIN, AND IT SHALL BE DONE. EARTH SHALL BE HEALED AND OF THE LIGHTED REALMS ONCE AGAIN. I AM CHRIST MICHAEL OF NEBADON, AND I PERSONALLY LOVE THIS LITTLE PLANET AND HER PEOPLE AND I WILL HOLD ALL OF YOU AGAIN IN MY ARMS.  I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK ALL OF YOU FROM THE STARS FOR YOUR TIME SPENT AND YET TO BE SPENT WITH EARTH AS SHE GROWS UP. I THANK ALL THE EARTH SOULS, FOR PREPARING MY WAY. YOU HAVE BEEN SOME OF YOU HERE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WORKING THE PLANET FROM THE INSIDE, TO PREPARE MY WAY. I THANK THE COUNTLESS CHRISTED BEINGS WHO HAVE PREPARED MY WAY. I STAND IN AWE OF YOU ALL.  WE WILL SHORTLY WALK TOGETHER, JOIN HANDS TOGETHER, AND HEAL THIS WORLD TOGETHER. I WILL BE HERE AS LONG AS IT IS NECESSARY TO BE HERE. NO OTHER PLANET HAS WALKED PERSONALLY WITH CHRIST MICHAEL AS YOU SHALL DO. GO IN GREAT PEACE, MY DEAR ONES. I AM CHRIST MICHAEL, AKA GYEORGOS CERES HATONN. ***************************** Full message: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Candace_6/25_No_Other_Planet_Has_Walked_Personally_with_Chri_39.shtml
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